just done:

"Undercover", 1st season, Belg. crime-dramedy, ZDFneo

"Bonding", 1st season, U.S. dramedy, Netflix

"The Bold Type", 3rd season, U.S. drama-series, Amazon Prime

"Ancient Magus Bride", Japan. anime, Crunchyroll

"Nate is Late", French.-Austral. animation-series, SuperRTL

"Bodyguard", Brit. thriller-series, BBC/Netflix

"Lou Lou", 2nd season, French web-series, ARTE CREATIVE

"Robozuna", Brit animation series, Netflix

"Power Rangers", 24/25th seasons, U.S. action/sci-fi, Netflix

"Somewhere Between", U.S. mystery-series, Netflix

"Grimgar", Japan. anime, KAZÉ

"La Minute Vieille", comedy web-series, 6th season, Arte

"Quartier des Banques", French-Belg.-Swiss. drama-series, RTS

"To All the Boys I've Loved Before", U.S. romance, Netflix

"Un homme est mort", French animation feature, Arte

"Cupcake and Dino", Brasil.-Canad. animation-series, Netflix